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Personality Is All That Matters This Year


In the movie “Game Change” there is a scene in which John McCain’s campaign consultants urge him to run ads that feature controversial black pastor Rev. Wright, who was Obama’s pastor. McCain explains that there is a dark side to American populism that some candidates are willing to tap into to win election, but that he is not one of those politicians. This is a movie, to be sure, but apparently something very like that conversation did happen in the McCain camp and they never ran ads featuring Rev. Wright.

Two Anniversaries: A Church That Changes & Doesn't Change


As we prepare for the Holy Father’s apostolic exhortation on the family, we are going to hear a lot about how the Church can’t change this and it can’t change that. Indeed, the idea of the Church as essentially unchangeable is one of the most commonly held myths, especially outside the Church, about us. So, it is instructive to think about two anniversaries that happened this past weekend: Yesterday was the anniversary of Pope Francis’s election three years ago and Saturday was the anniversary of the coronation of Pope Pius XII as pope in 1939.

Clinton Falters in Michigan; Trump is On His Way


Even a few weeks ago, let alone several months ago, most would have rolled their eyes at the suggestion that Donald Trump would effectively wrap up his race for the GOP nomination before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton succeeded in securing the Democratic nod. But, with his big wins in Mississippi and Michigan, and a late night win in Hawaii, Trump is virtually impossible to stop while Clinton squandered her lead in Michigan and lost the state narrowly to Sen. Bernie Sanders.


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