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So who's defending adoption in wake of slasher movie, \"Orphan\"?

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The horror slasher movie "Orphan" open last weekend, raking in $12.8 million for Warner Bros. as the fourth most popular movie of the weekend.

An earlier outcry from adoptive parents offended by the premise that an older adopted child might be a homicidal psychopath resulted in the trailer line, "It must hard to love an adopted child as much as your own," being replaced. But the movie still reinforces the stereotype that it's risky to adopt an older child.

Reviews have not been kind. The Washington Post called it a "depraved, worthless piece of filth," while a New York Times blogger deemed it "beneath contempt" (though comments on that post accuse her of overreacting and being politically correct).

A New York Post article pleads, "Don't let 'Orphan' give the wrong idea about foster kids" and quotes a Kelly Rosati of an organization called "Sanctity of Human Life."

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I thought some Catholic prolifers had finally decided to take a break from bashing Obama and defend this attack on adoption.

Wrong. The group is affiliated with the evangelical organization Focus on the Family.


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