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Preview: 300 miles to see friends on death row


It may not have a name, but the program that ministers to death row inmates at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Tecumseh, Neb., is making an impact.

Certainly moved by the program are Deacon Leo Bistak and his wife, Nancy, of Lawrence, Kan. The couple travels almost 300 miles roundtrip once every three months to participate.

"We sit around in a large room with about eight death row prisoners and about 10 of us who come in," Leo said. "We have some sandwiches and talk with them for about three hours."

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The book of Jonah is one of the Hebrew Scriptures' most significant writings. But since many of us don't recognize its literary genre, we miss the theology the author's trying to convey.


Considering our vocations


When we were children, our mother was not content with having us pray the ordinary grace before meals. No, at grace time, as well as in prayers before bed, there was a litany of sorts in which we remembered family and friends, and always ended with the simple prayer, "Please, God, help me to know my vocation and have the grace and strength to follow it." Mom was a firm believer that everyone had a vocation, a call to serve God with their best talents and deepest desires.



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