Accused of abuse, Pell maintains innocence in first court appearance

Melbourne, Australia – Amid a circus-like court appearance, Cardinal Pell, accused of sexual abuse of minors, maintains his innocence, but no formal charges are released.

U.S. bishop urges Senate to remedy health care after vote to proceed

Washington -- Fifty Republicans voted yes and two GOP senators voted no, along with the Senate's 48 Democrats. The tiebreaking vote was necessary from Vice President Mike Pence.

Court vacates injunction against executions in Ohio

Executions are expected to resume in Ohio July 26 after an Ohio court overturned a preliminary injunction against the state's lethal injection protocol June 28.


Trafficking, 'monstrous form of modern slavery,' killed immigrants in Texas

Distinctly Catholic: The victims had the document that mattered, the breath of life given to them by God, until that breath was extinguished by the the traffickers. 

I love the Mass, imperfect as it is

Soul Seeing: Cobbled together as the Mass is, in my heart I know that the risen Christ is there among all of us imperfect Catholics and random sinners. 

Global Sisters Report

Don't repeal, don't reduce the ACA, say US sisters

Global Sisters Report: A letter signed by 7,150 women religious was delivered to the Senate, urging senators to vote against any bill that repeals the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act...


Who are we to judge?

Spiritual Reflections: Who gets to judge what is weed and what is worthy? Frustrating as it may be, Jesus is not giving us the answers.

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