Curriculum Development Consultant/Writer

Global Sisters Report , a website publication of National Catholic  Reporter, is seeking a Curriculum Development Consultant/Writer for a pilot project to adapt our award-winning stories and columns for use in Catholic middle schools, high schools and catechism programs.  We want more Catholic middle school and high school students to know about and appreciate the work of Catholic women religious around the world. This person will develop sample classroom materials and lesson plans using GSR content for use in religion, catechism, social studies and other potential classes to be hosted on the GSR website and as supplemental PDF/printed materials. We want someone who can assess GSR’s content, assess the project work done so far, assist in developing marketing plans and a proposal to extend the project. This is a short-term contract position. Experience in developing online curriculum is key, knowledge about Catholic sisters a plus. 

Goals: Make the content on the Global Sisters Report more accessible and user friendly for teachers in Catholic schools and religious education programs

  1.  Adapt GSR content for middle school and high school audiences
  2. Adapt GSR content for religious education settings as well as Catholic school settings (including social studies, geography, history classes etc.)
  3. Develop a set of lesson types and learning activities that teachers could adapt to the content they choose for a specific class and group of students. 
Company Name: 
Global Sisters Report
Contact Information & Applicant Instructions: 

Please send a cover letter, resume and samples of work to by Feb. 27.