Misericordia University Summer Conferences

PLACE: Misericordia University, Dallas, PA

DATES: June 6-12, June 14-20, and July 21-16, 2019

DESCRIPTION: Law and religious life, caring for elder religious, and sacred scripture are the topics of three well-established conferences at Misericordia University this summer. The 26th Annual Cecilia Meighan, RSM Institute of Law and Religious Life (June 6-12), is themed “The Individual Religious: Profession of the Evangelical Counsels (Vows) and the Obligations and Rights of Membership in the Institute, the 42nd Annual Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests Workshop (June 14-20), provides practical applications and solutions for caring for and administering to elders in religious congregations and dioceses. The 51st Annual Dr. Marie Noël Keller, RSM Institute on Sacred Scripture (July 21-26), offers a week of thought-provoking scripture study. New this year are two tracks for your convenience. Attend one or both: July 21 – 23 and/or July 23 – 26. For information on any of these conferences, visit:www.misericordia.edu/conferences or call (570) 674-6161

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Misericordia University
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www.misericordia.edu/conferences or call (570) 674-6161