Director of Communications

The Archdiocese of Atlanta seeks a public information officer reporting to the Chief Operating Officer.  The Director of Communications will serve as the Archdiocese’s senior executive responsible for all aspects of internal and external communications.  The person will be the primary communications counsel to the Archbishop as well as the Archbishop’s senior staff.  MAJOR RESPONSIBILITES:  A full range of public relations duties.  Strategic message development on all key issues.  All aspects of media relations including representing the Archdiocese to the media and preparing other Archdiocese representatives for media interviews and public presentations.  Issues management.  Proactively and regularly communicating to the public, the congregation, and lay and religious staff the values and accomplishments of the Archdiocese’s many ongoing community outreach initiatives.  Training capable public spokespersons for the Archdiocese.  Speechwriting and other strategic writing.  Must be a proficient public speaker.  Ability to conceive, construct and deliver comprehensive and effective communications initiatives to address any variety of issues.  Assessing the strengths and vulnerabilities of the Archdiocese’s position on a variety of key issues and initiatives.  Successfully advocate the Archdiocese’s position on issues/situations.  Maintaining and strengthening the public reputation of the Archdiocese and personnel through clear and credible communications planning.  Provide communications support in other areas, such as social media, and web development.    Regularly communicate the Archdiocese’s key communications initiatives to the editorial staff of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, broadcasters, and local media. Supervision of the work of the Editor of the Georgia Bulletin.

KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:  Undergraduate degree in journalism, communications, or related disciplines preferred.  At least 5 years of related employment experience as an organizational communicator.  Experience in providing senior-level communications advice to the management team.  Excellent writing and public speaking skills.  Proven leadership skills.  Experience in communications with a Catholic Church-related organization is preferred but not required.  Must have an excellent working knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Must be fully supportive of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church.  Must have a professional personal appearance.

Company Name: 
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
Contact Information & Applicant Instructions: 

Send cover letter, resume, references and salary requirements to David Spotanski, Chief Operating Officer, Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta, 2401 Lake Park Dr., SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 or, via E-mail to