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Being Catholic Becoming Faithful by Norbert Bufka explores the meaning of faith and its relationship to language and culture, God, the Bible, Jesus, and ultimately salvation.

Bufka next recounts a history of Christianity from the Catholic perspective, the teaching of Vatican II (1962-1965) and how faith has been influenced as a result.   Bufka ends with a call to a personal path toward faithfulness and how the Church must change to continue its relevance, grow and prosper.

Sr. Theresa Byrne, O.P., retired Director of Adult Faith Formation in Michigan and Florida parishes, writes,“, I really liked it and saw it as mandatory reading for all first year college students in Religious Study programs.Thank you for always spreading the joy and freedom of the gospel.”

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Bufka Books includes books related to the Faith Journey, Pope Francis, Leelanau local history, and some others.  Five other authors’ books are available at Bufka Books.


The Faith Journeybooks include the above feature, as well as books about a pre-Vatican II seminary, the Nicene Creed, and the Rosary by Bufka. There are also a personal story of discernment, A Desert  in My Backyard by Jeanne Lound Schaller; a conversation with young adults, Are Faith and Science Compatible by Jerome Klosowski; and a practical guide to sacraments by Fr. Bob Bissott.


The Pope Francis series include books about the pontiff’s life and study guides for four of the Pope’s major letters: the Joy of the Gospel, the Care of Our Common Home (Laudato Si), The Joy of Love about marriage (amoris Laetitia), and Rejoice and Be Glad about holiness.  Bufka’s most popular book in this series is A Study Guide for Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis. Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, wrote, I have my copy almost entirely underlined.


Bufka’s Leelanau local history series are about life in northwest Michigan farm communities in late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These include his own family history, From Bohemia to Good Harbor, and four others, including his just released book, We Remember Lost Places in Leelanau[NB1] [NB2] .. There are also two books by Tom VanZoeren: Dottie Lanham of Burdickville and A Port Oneida Collection.


Three other books complete the current roster:   Challenges of a 21st Century Progressive and Letters to the Editor by Bufka and Digging in the Dirt by Edward Hutchison, a retired nationally syndicated columnist on gardening.


A few books are also available as e-books.


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Norbert Bufka grew up in the 1940’s and 1950’s and studied six years in a seminary. He has long been active in his parishes over his life. He finished his career as a Director of Faith Formation at a parish in Midland, MI.  Bufka has a BA in history, MA in Latin, and a Master of Pastoral Studies degree.  


He has written over 100 op-ed articles for Michigan newspapers and 19 books in all.   \

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