Social Media & Events Specialist

Position Title:  Social Media & Events Specialist

Location:  Madison, WI

Status:  Non-exempt; full-time (40hrs/wk)

Position Summary:

As a member of the Relationships for Mission Team, this position seeks a creative storyteller whose imaginative presence on social media platforms, the blog, and the Sinsinawa website will promote and deepen our identity and relationships as Dominicans and preachers and provide innovative and inspired events for sisters and associates.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

-Initiate creative content for all social media platforms, the blog, Spectrum articles and newsletters that promotes and tells the story of our Dominican Life and Mission and also builds relationships.

-Research and write content for the Relationships for Mission section of the Sinsinawa website and keep it up to date.

-Request or take pictures plus create videos of sisters, associates, and sponsored events.

-Create vocation advertisements – digital and print.

-Collaborate with the Relationships for Mission Team in research, planning and providing enrichment. experiences, events, and immersion trips for sisters, associates, those in Initial membership, and discerners for vowed life.

-Explore options for collaboration with other Dominican congregations to provide common enrichment opportunities across congregations.

-Coordinate, promote and post Sunday and Feast Day preaching for website and social media.

-Act as the liaison and work closely with the Communication Office including quarterly meetings.

-Share in the team responsibilities as listed below.

-Prepare for the RFM Ministry through workshops, conferences, and professional development.

-Perform other duties as assigned.

 Shared Team Responsibilities

-Serve as a Team Member/Team Meetings/Team Leader

-Serve as the Monthly Contact: quarterly report to Council, SinsinOP update, Facilitate Team meetings on a rotating basis

-Participate in Team Building with a facilitator

-Develop and administer the annual RFM Budget

-Administer Catherine’s Café blog

-Contribute to maintaining and facilitating the use of Hospitality/Office spaces at McCormick House in Madison and Third Floor East at the Mound

-Facilitate and organize the Resource Committee for Dominican Life and Mission (RCDLM)

-Connect and support the Emerging Forms of Relationship Committee

-Prepare for the RFM Ministry, ie, workshops, conferences, and professional development

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

-Understand and support the Sinsinawa Dominican mission.

-Integrate experience, knowledge and appreciation of the essentials of the Dominican life: prayer, study, preaching, ministry and community.

-Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.

-Demonstrate initiative, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, organization skills and time management.

-Proficient in various social media platforms, internet applications including Google applications, website content and posting, Word Press, Microsoft Word applications, web design, photography, and videography.

-Willingness and ability to travel.

-At a minimum, hold a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field of study (Journalism, Communications, Technology).


Company Name: 
Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc.
Contact Information & Applicant Instructions: 

Please send cover letter, salary expectations, resume, and three professional references to:

Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc.

Attn: Angie Ryan-HR

585 County Rd Z

Sinsinawa, WI 53824

Or by email: