Fall and Spring Sabbaticals, Retreats and Programs

PLACE: Springbank Retreat, Kingstree, SC

DATE: 2020-2021

DESCRIPTION: Springbank Retreat Center for EcoSpirituality and The Arts welcomes guests for Fall and Spring sabbaticals, personal retreats, ecospiritual retreats and programs, as well as creative and healing arts. Springbank offers 80 acres of natural beauty, wooded trails, cultural history and warm southern climate. Fall 2020: Sept. 18-Dec. 9, Spring 2021: Feb. 3-April 28, Fall 2021: Sept. 15-Dec. 8. Safety protocols are in place. See website: www.springbankretreat.org or contact Sr.Trina McCormick, OP (843)372-4404.

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Springbank Retreat
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See website: www.springbankretreat.org or contact Sr.Trina McCormick, OP (843)372-4404.