Thousands of faith leaders ask Congress to protect Johnson Amendment

More than 4,000 religious leaders have signed a letter urging Congress to maintain the Johnson Amendment, a law barring pulpit politicking that President Trump has vowed to gut.

Tillerson: Protecting targets of ISIS' 'genocide' a religious freedom priority

The release of the 2016 International Religious Freedom Report, in its 19th year, comes as Trump has been accused of exacerbating hostility toward Muslims and hesitating to condemn white supremacism and anti-Semitism within his own nation.

Muslim Americans worry about discrimination but profess faith in the American dream

Survey: As Muslims have a growing sense of American support, they report increasing instances of religious discrimination in the past year — from being treated with suspicion to physical attacks.

Evangelical leaders push for criminal justice reform

Evangelical Christian leaders are spearheading a campaign for criminal justice reform, calling for equitable punishment, alternatives to incarceration and a different take on the "tough on crime" language of the Trump administration.