Book Review

Bringing the U.S. back into the international fold

RE-ENGAGE! AMERICA AND THE WORLD AFTER BUSH: AN INFORMED CITIZEN’S GUIDE by Helena Cobban, Paradigm Publishers (2008), 128 pages, $69

Helena Cobban’s new book, Re-Engage! America and the World After Bush, is not aimed at a target audience of officials, policy wonks and Washington elite think-tank types. So much is clear from a tagline running across the bottom of the cover: “An informed citizen’s guide.”

But that doesn’t mean that all the politicians and policy-makers can’t learn something from picking up a copy of Cobban’s succinct, 120-page blueprint for bringing the United States back into the international fold -- and, in doing so, tackle some of the world’s problems.

Relying on years of experience as a journalist and activist -- from both abroad and at home in theUnited States -- and informed by her Quaker congregation, Cobban has developed an eye for global strategic affairs. In her book, her insight lays out simple reasons for rejoining the world community and how to go about doing so.