Book Review

An evangelical case for LGBT acceptance

Book Review: Evangelical Christians possess a prominent position in the American religious landscape, from which they have strongly opposed LGBT equality.

Catholic jobs lost over LGBT issues on the rise

Of the 40-some employees who have lost jobs at Catholic institutions since 2008, nearly half have lost their jobs this year.

O'Malley: Trend of workers fired for LGBT issues 'needs to be rectified'

In a one-on-one conversation following a public speaking engagement, Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley said that the firing of church workers because of LGBT issues is a situation that "needs to be rectified."

Earlier in the evening, the cardinal spoke of the need to include and minister to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in light of Pope Francis' new vision for the church.


Francis' letter-writing revolution requires our involvement

Opinion: Francis' pen-and-paper revolution is truly radical, and transforms hierarchy into personal relationships.