As synod deliberates, vandals dump controversial indigenous carving into the Tiber

Amid the buzz surrounding the last week of this month's summit of bishops on the Amazon, the debate surrounding a small statue has captured Rome.

Visiting Thailand, Pope Francis to champion the poor and the environment

Thailand, a Buddhist-majority country best known for its nightlife and street food, may not look like a natural destination for a papal visit.

Gathering of German bishops tests Pope Francis' efforts for decentralization

Following an attempt by the Vatican to exercise control over its upcoming and reform-driven gathering, the Catholic Church in Germany has made it clear that it has no intention of backing down, proving to be yet another wedge in the internal church wars that have plagued Pope Francis' six-year papacy.

Ukrainian Greek Catholics wrap up synod and leave Rome with a mission

When 12 Greek Catholic bishops from Ukraine met with the Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI on Sept. 10, the retired pontiff invited them to be a force for unity in today’s “increasingly fractured and divided world.”