Inter-Mission: Waiting for the next act

GSR Preview: While in the throes of post-chemo side-effects I must admit that there are moments I'd like to leave the theater before the show is over.

Inter-Mission: In the womb of God

Global Sisters Report Preview: Awaiting the last two cycles of chemotherapy in the first month of 2016, I find myself in a place that seems to be the womb of God.

Inter-mission: Moving from fear to hope during Advent

Global Sisters Report Preview: Janet Gildea, SC, a Global Sisters Report contributor, began chemotherapy for recurrent ovarian cancer this past October, and will be sharing her experience with GSR.

Inter-Mission: Life between cancer remissions

Preview: Janet Gildea, SC, a contributor to Global Sisters Report, began chemotherapy for recurrent ovarian cancer, an experience that she will be sharing in GSR over the next several months.