Religious liberty should unite us, not divide us

A flurry of Supreme Court cases is putting religious liberty debates and state-church conflicts in the spotlight. In recent days, the court ruled that hospital systems with church affiliations are exempted from some provisions of federal pension law. The court also found that Trinity Lutheran Church in Missouri is eligible for a state grant to resurface its playground despite the state constitution’s ban on government funding of churches.

Pulse anniversary: Church plays wounding role to LGBT people

NCR Today: If Catholic bishops really want a church that listens, heals and goes to the margins as Pope Francis does, it's far past time to build a culture of encounter with the LGBT community.

What I saw at a conservative Catholic gathering in DC's Trump Tower

Washington -- The symposium featured a blend of high-powered networking, liturgies, wonky policy discussions and insider D.C. political whispering.

The church walks the walk on immigration

NCR Today: The anniversary of Pope Francis' Mass at the border is a powerful reminder to recognize Christ in the migrant and refugee and to reject the politics of fear.