Sr. Carol Keehan will leave big shoes to fill in Catholic health care

The impending retirement of an "extraordinary" Catholic leader brings to a close her nearly 14 years as head of Catholic Health Association, a tenure that included the often-bruising fight for the Affordable Care Act.


Reflecting on the relationship between Christianity, politics and power

Commentary: Perhaps those pastors who align themselves with a leader who makes an idol of power and demeans anyone who gets in his way will have a conversion. Archbishop Óscar Romero started out as a conventional, even conservative bishop who did little to disturb the status quo.


Systemic racism is pro-life issue, and Catholics must step up

Commentary: If Catholic leaders are willing to hit the streets, carry banners and lobby lawmakers for the unborn, they should also be pouring out of churches to resist the assault on black and brown bodies.


Why I'm not leaving the Catholic Church

Commentary: If there ever was a time for a demoralized Catholic to pack it up, head to the nearest Episcopal church and declare himself a refugee from religious malpractice, the most recent round of clergy sexual abuse scandals would seem ample justification.