Why Catholic bishops need a year of abstinence on preaching about sexuality

If Catholic bishops hope to reclaim their moral credibility after revelations about covering up clergy sexual abuse, church leaders should take a year of abstinence from preaching about sex and gender.


Will Catholic voters make Joe Biden the next president?

Commentary: It's hard to imagine Joe Biden brushing off white Catholics at a time when two iconic institutions in their lives — the church and the factory — have been brought low by very different forces.


A 'political town with pastoral needs' anticipates a new archbishop

The ecosystem of secular and church politics makes the Archdiocese of Washington unique. Navigating it will require a deft leader who can serve rural stretches, wealthy enclaves, gentrifying neighborhoods, racially and ethnically diverse communities, and a remarkable spectrum of Catholic thinkers and activists.

Sr. Carol Keehan will leave big shoes to fill in Catholic health care

The impending retirement of an "extraordinary" Catholic leader brings to a close her nearly 14 years as head of Catholic Health Association, a tenure that included the often-bruising fight for the Affordable Care Act.