'America First' agenda a disgrace to Jesus-first discipleship

Commentary: Will religious leaders and faithful citizens be reduced to boots on the ground for demagogic politicians who go to war with the weapons of xenophobia and racism, or become conscientious objectors to rhetoric and policies that are antithetical to Christian values?


Lessons to learn from the Supreme Court cake baker case

Commentary: Progressive people of faith must remind compatriots on the left that one does not have to agree with the religious convictions of someone else — and can indeed strongly oppose efforts to enshrine those beliefs above other rights — to still refrain from portraying that person and her views in ways that are cartoonish and offensive.

DC's St. Augustine church a reference point in race relations, 50 years after King

The story of St. Augustine Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., isn't simply about a single parish. The struggles and success here are also part of a larger, unfolding narrative that underscores the Catholic Church's role in both perpetuating and responding to institutional racism.

Religious liberty should unite us, not divide us

A flurry of Supreme Court cases is putting religious liberty debates and state-church conflicts in the spotlight. In recent days, the court ruled that hospital systems with church affiliations are exempted from some provisions of federal pension law. The court also found that Trinity Lutheran Church in Missouri is eligible for a state grant to resurface its playground despite the state constitution’s ban on government funding of churches.