'For the love of God, send us oxygen,' plead bishops in Brazil's Amazon

With the news that dozens of people were suffocating to death due to a lack of oxygen in hospitals in the Amazon city of Manaus, Catholic bishops pleaded for more supplies. 

Brazilian archdiocese joins plastic recycling program to reduce ocean waste

The Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro has launched a partnership with a Canadian company to reduce plastic disposal into the oceans.

Pedro Casaldáliga, 'bishop of the poor,' dies in Brazil at 92

Retired Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga of São Félix, Brazil, was known for his unrelenting defense of the indigenous population and of the struggle of peasants for land ownership.

Brazilian church campaign draws attention to threats against advocates

With the objective of giving more visibility to the increased violence against those who defend social and environmental rights, Brazil's Catholic Church has launched the "Life by a Thread" campaign.