Church groups help new wave of Venezuelan migrants

Thousands of people are once again leaving Venezuela as neighboring countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Peru reopen their economies and lift restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. The poorest are leaving on foot, and joining 5 million people who have already left Venezuela to escape hyperinflation, food shortages and the lowest wages in the Western Hemisphere.

Colombian church leaders call for reconciliation, truth following protests

Seventy-two civilians were shot during protests that erupted after a video surfaced on social media showing police beating a man, who died of his injuries.

Colombian court says it cannot rule on abortion proposal

Catholic groups in Colombia took to the streets in February to voice their discontent with a proposal that sought to drastically expand access to abortion in the South American country. But although official Catholic teaching condemns the intentional killing of the unborn at any time after the ovum is fertilized, some Catholics also backed the proposal.

Bishops organize talks in Bolivia as protests become deadly

Bolivian bishops are organizing talks between political factions as protests against the nation's new government become increasingly deadly.