Religious leaders in Colombia form coalition to defend rainforests

Religious leaders in Colombia promised to step up efforts to prevent the destruction of rainforests in the South American country, as they launched a coalition known as the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative.

Panama's church leaders hope World Youth Day strengthens parishes

The Church of Christ the Redeemer was built with Panama's hot and humid weather in mind. There are no walls on the building. Its tall round roof is supported by cement columns spread far apart so that a good amount of breeze can make its way down the church's aisles.


Pope sends letter to blind Colombian veteran he met

Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter to a Colombian soldier who lost his sight during the country's civil war. 

Priests lead campaign against mining in rural areas of Colombia

The bells rang in celebration at San Isidro Church. People hugged two local priests in gratitude and cheered as activists took to the church's front steps and delivered victory speeches.