Editorial: Sound the horn, bishops, we're waiting

We say: It's time to move extraordinary grassroots efforts to a new place in the national agenda. This requires firm moral leadership. Can the U.S. bishops meet this challenge?


Editorial: Family separation is an immoral, ineffective policy

We say: Making family separation a point of government policy is unacceptable and immoral. That is exactly what the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy is, and, according to the United Nations human rights office, is also "a serious violation of the rights of the child."


Editorial: Nations could stop Yemen's deadly crisis -- but won't

We say: The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is totally man-made. It could be contained and a peace process put in motion. But international players have shown little interest in peace.


Editorial: Francis should seize momentum of Chile resignations

We say: It's time to revisit the pope's 2015 proposal to establish a tribunal that would hold responsible bishops and religious superiors who mishandle cases of clergy sex abuse.