Irresistibly moved to pray in unexpected places

Soul Seeing: On a trip to Thailand, I encountered a praying Buddhist woman who embodied what the "praying church" is.

Book Review

Urgent tasks for church renewal

Author’s proposals may be vital for future of Catholicism

By Pierre Hegy
Published by iUniverse, $22.95

Let me state up front and categorically: This is by any standard the best book on church renewal I’ve read, especially on renewal for the Roman Catholic church. Pierre Hegy, who has a doctorate from the University of Paris, with his thesis on authority in the Catholic church after the Second Vatican Council, is professor emeritus of sociology at Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y., and the founder of a highly successful book review Web site. His earlier publications deal with post-Vatican II Catholicism and feminist thought. This volume is part of Hegy’s ongoing research on the contemporary Catholic church.