Global religious freedom commission cites 28 key nations for 'ongoing downward trend'

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom cited more than two dozen countries as main contributors to an "ongoing downward trend" in religious liberty worldwide.

Most Americans believe, but not always in the God of the Bible

A new Pew Research survey finds that a slim majority of Americans believe in the God of the Bible, while about one-third of Americans believe in another higher power or spiritual force.

Francis agrees with his critics: A pope can be wrong

The tables have turned under Pope Francis. And a new type of Catholic has formed: the conservative dissenter.  In the past, conservatives prided themselves on loyalty to the pope and being in lockstep with all papal teachings, while progressives called for limits to papal power.

Evangelical leaders discuss future of their movement in Trump era

About 50 evangelical Christian leaders gathered to discuss the future of evangelicalism amid concerns their movement has become too closely associated with President Trump.


The Vietnam War revisited


Pope Francis and hell