We must keep fighting to outlaw abortion: A response to Thomas Reese

As chairman of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities, I consider the acceptance of legalized abortion a capitulation to the abortion culture, and a grave weakening of the powerful pro-life witness.


Cardinal Dolan makes good points but ignores politics of abortion

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York makes many good points in his response to my column calling for a new pro-life strategy, but he ignores the political context of the abortion controversy in the United States.

Fending off the rising right, Bavarian leader puts crosses in state offices

Bavaria's premier, Markus Söder, has presented the move not as a religious dictate, but merely a reflection of the values his fellow Bavarians share. The cross, he says, "has a defining effect on the identity of our society," and hanging it in public offices shows "our Bavarian identity and way of life.


Pope Francis' five loves to combat the ills of today's culture

We can all recognize the dangers Pope Francis sees in today's culture. In answer, the pope gives us five great expressions of love for God and neighbor that he considers particularly important.