It's time to end male supremacy in the Catholic Church

Commentary: As the world struggles toward equality, the church hierarchy trots out the same tired justifications for women's subordination, much of it rooted in pseudoscience and the ignorant musings of medieval philosophers.


The all-male priesthood finds itself in another scandal

What is more scandalous clergy abusing minors or women ordained to the priesthood? The Vatican seems to think the latter. 


The U.S. should respect Venezuela and Latin America

Commentary: The right to protest is not the right to violently oust a democratic government, a distinction that policymakers in Washington don't always seem to grasp.

Bourgeois homily: 'Conscience compels us to be here today'

Lexington, Kentucky -- When I met Janice Sevre-Duszynska years ago in the SOA Watch movement, she spoke about her journey of faith and her call to be ordained in the Catholic church.


That day has arrived. And we are here to share in her joy and to support Janice in her call to the priesthood.

As we know, the ordination of women in the Catholic church is a controversial issue. Ten years ago I wrote the following letter to my Maryknoll community about why women should be ordained. It was published in the Maryknoll newsletter under the headline "No One Likes a Bully."

In prison one has a lot of time for long thoughts and long prayers. Among my thoughts has been the issue of the ordination of women in the Catholic church.