Tawanda Karombo is a business and financial technology journalist based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with over 10 years of experience covering sub-Saharan Africa.

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Zambian bishops call for 'fresh start' as country's crises unfold

The challenges rocking Zambia are far and wide, ranging from an economic situation that is taking long to mend, food shortages and political disagreements that have often turned violent. 

As more Africans join social media, Catholic bishops warm up to its potential

Malawi's bishops are taking the lead in Africa in embracing tech platforms as tools for evangelism and pastoral messages, especially for youth.

Zimbabwe church leaders call for dialogue amid political divide, economic turmoil

Catholic and other Christian church leaders in Zimbabwe are pressing for dialogue between the president and his political opposition leader to help end the country's political and economic crisis worsened by recent deadly protests over fuel prices.

Bishops press for violence-free campaign as Congo crisis escalates

The Democratic Republic of Congo's political and humanitarian situation is tense ahead of December elections as Catholic bishops urge an "electoral campaign devoid of violence."