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Obama's Immigration Speech


President Obama will sign an executive order that will affect some 5 million undocumented immigrants, shielding them from deportation. As the president noted in announcing his executive order last night, he does not have the legal authority to grant these 5 million people a pathway to citizenship or even access to a green card. Republicans decided to go ballistic, accusing the president of an unconstitutional over-reach.

The Atrocity in Jerusalem


Two Palestinian terrorists attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem this week, killing five people, including four rabbis. I hope all those who regularly complain about the plight of the Palestinian people will reflect deeply on this atrocity. If, as we are told, the Palestinians really object to the security barrier that separates parts of the West Bank from parts of Israel, or what will surely be Israel in any reasonable two-state solution, killing people in a Jerusalem synagogue does not encourage the Israeli government to think twice about the barrier.

+Cupich on Immigration Proposals


In an interview with a Chicago television station, newly installed Archbishop Blase Cupich noted that the U.S. bishops' conference has already voiced support for interim measures, in the form of a presidential executive order, to ease the danger of deporting undocumented immigrants, especially when such deportations divide families. As my colleague Fr. Tom Reese, S.J.


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