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Evangelicals and Catholics (Angry) Together


I almost feel sorry for the authors of a new manifesto from the conservative political group Evangelicals and Catholics Together. They could not have known that the very day they released their moralistic document asserting that same-sex marriage is a greater threat to the culture of marriage than is divorce, the pope would deliver a sermon that could not sound more different from their defensive cultural warrior text.

The Reforms in Rome: This is a Big Deal


The reforms of the Roman Curia being discussed are tectonic. Better to say, the discussion is tectonic. Re-arranging several Pontifical Councils into a super-dicastry is not earth-shattering, although the decision to erect a new office on environmental issues as a part of the new dicastry on Justice, Peace & Charity demonstrates an institutional commitment to the issue, in addition to the magisterial commitment we anticipate later this year. That is important. But, what is really important is the manner in which these reform proposals have come to be.

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We have seen this slander before. Fr. Zuhlsdorf insinuates that the German bishops are pushing communion for the divorced and remarried for financial reasons. You may agree or disagree with the German bishops who propose a change in Church discipline regarding communion for divorced and remarried, but to think they would sell the faith to hold on to their revenue is unfair, unproven, and defamatory. 

Obama's Proposed AUMF


President Obama yesterday sent to Congress a proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) that would sunset the AUMF obtained by President Bush in 2002 for the war in Iraq, perpetuate the AUMF passed in 2001 for the war against Al-Qaeda, and provide new authorization for the use of force against ISIS.

Communications, Culture & the Church


Last night, Loyola University of Chicago kicked off its new program: a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies with a concentration in Digital Communication, offered by the university’s Institute for Pastoral Studies. They had a panel that included my friend and colleague Rocco Palmo and Kerry Weber from America magazine. Bishop Christopher Coyne, in-coming chair of the USCCB Communications Committee, was supposed to attend but the snow demons in New England interfered with his flight.


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