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Yesterday, I offered a short review of Fr. Lou Cameli’s new book, The Archeology of Faith.  As I noted, the text is permeated by a discerning, inquisitive examination of how the Christian faith had been passed down in the Cameli family from generation to generation, going back all the way to the pre-Christian era.

In one section, in which he considers the influence of St. Francis, Cameli discusses the fede retta, or honest faith, true faith, for which Francis prayed. He writes:

Review: The Archeology of Faith


To say that Fr. Lou Cameli’s new book, The Archeology of Faith: A Personal Exploration of How We Come to Believe, is charming would not be wrong, but it would be inadequate. Charm suggests an affectation, something on the surface, and it sometimes masks uglier motives. The Archeology of Faith has its charming moments, but it brings the reader deep into one man’s story of faith, which he traces back more than 2,000 years.

Sen. Rand Paul: Ideologue-in-Chief


Senator Rand Paul showed again this weekend why he is such a frightening politician. He is the most quintessential ideologue in American politics since Huey Long.

Sen. Paul delayed Senate consideration of a program to continue the surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency. He does not have the votes to prevent the extension from passing but he was able to use Senate rules to delay passage of a bill.

Links for 05/29/15


At Mirror of Justice, Rick Garnett responds to my post on Scalia being the culprit in the religious freedom discussion. His points are all thoughtful and well-stated, but I still think Scalia misread the fabric of democracy (and the limits of the Court), which he does a lot, and often when it suits him. I wish he had kept such a restrictive understanding of judicial activism when he was voting on Citizens United!

Pataki for President!


Distinctly Catholic endorses George Pataki for President. Why not? Or should we wait to see what other really exciting candidates jump into the race. John Bolton anyone? Or, we could vote with our hearts and back former neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, a man whose qualification for the White House appears to be his truly remarkable ability to utter pious platitudes in a heartfelt way.

Wages & Worker Rights in Red & Blue


Harold Meyerson, in this morning’s Washington Post, writes about the growing red state versus blue state divide regarding the treatment of worker remuneration and workers’ rights. In blue states, the minimum wage is going up and union rights are largely being protected. In red states, right-to-work laws are driving wages down and busting unions. What we are seeing is a renegotiation of the social contract.


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