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Graduality at the Synod


All of us in the Church commentary biz are, understandably, transfixed by the Relatio that came out Monday and by some of the reactions to it. In a frenzied state, sometimes it is easiest to miss what is actually the most important, to overlook the obvious. In this case, the text’s statements about graduality or gradualness seem to be the key hermeneutic for the entire text, arguably for the entire papacy.

Reactions to the Synod


The reactions to the synod’s midway relatio continue to pour in. You would think someone denied the divinity of Christ. But, the emotions are strong because people are aware that something big is going on in Rome, they have seen it now for a little more than a year and one half, a new way of evangelizing, one based on accompaniment and encounter as the method, and they want to know if the bishops will stand with the pope or not.

Voter Suppression & the Culture of Exclusion


Last week, a series of court decisions were handed down regarding new voting laws in several states. The Supreme Court tossed out new Voter ID requirements in Wisconsin, but upheld other restrictions on voting in North Carolina. A lower court threw out parts of Texas’ voting restriction laws, and that state’s Attorney General threatened to appeal. Earlier, new voting restrictions in Ohio were upheld.


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