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Ireland's Reality Check - and Ours


The vote in favor of same sex marriage in Ireland was overwhelming. The Irish people, especially Ireland’s young people, turned out in large numbers to support a measure that was unthinkable ten years ago and unheard of twenty years ago. There is a palpable sense that the Catholic roots of Ireland are no more, that traditional marriage was not the only thing on the ballot this past weekend, but Ireland’s Catholic heritage.

Keep Memorial Day Safe & Non-Partisan


It is right and fitting that all Americans come together on this day and remember the sacrifices of our men and women in the armed forces, who fought and died on behalf of our country. “All Americans.” The brave men and women who have donned our nation’s uniform did not fight for liberals or for conservatives, nor for Republicans or Democrats. This holiday, like their sacrifice, is a shared moment and it should bind the nation together.

The Rollout of the Encyclical on the Environment


Cardinal Pietro Parolin gave brief welcoming remarks to a Vatican conference this morning on “The New Climate Economy: How Economic Growth and Sustainability Can Go Hand in Hand.” The event, like last month’s conference on climate change, represents a new sophistication in Vatican communications strategy: They have discovered the roll out. So, although Parolin’s remarks were brief, I suspect they indicate some of the major themes we shall see in the encyclical itself.

The Clintons, the Bushes & Queen Anne


The latest dramas surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid – the money paid to the Clinton Foundation and directly to her for speaking gigs, and her unwillingness to take any questions from the press corps – appear at first blush as run-of-the-mill Clinton scandals: They are bad enough to make you say “ick” but not bad enough to get anyone indicted. But they show something else. Clinton and her campaign team (and much of the press corps) is not just out of touch with regular Americans, they appear to live in an alternate universe.


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