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Catholic Mission, Religious Freedom & LGBT Rights: Part III


I wish to close out my series on religious liberty & LGBT rights issues today by examining the situation in San Francisco, the recent adoption of an LGBT non-discrimination law that was backed by the Mormon Church in Utah, and ask if we Catholics can’t find a better way to approach these issues. After all, this summer the Supreme Court is likely to make a final decision on same sex marriage and the bishops have to decide how to promote and proclaim the Church’s teaching on marriage and the family in a society that understands marriage very differently.

Catholic Mission, Religious Freedom & LGBT Rights, Part II



Yesterday, I looked at the issue of Catholic universities, and by extension other Catholic agencies, extending health care and other benefits to employees who enter into same sex unions. Today, I want to look at a different issue, namely, LGBT non-discrimination laws that govern when and if it is permissible for a Catholic or other religious agency to discriminate against a gay or lesbian person in hiring.


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