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Physician-Assisted Suicide in Maryland


Today the Maryland House of Representatives will hold a hearing on a proposal to allow physician-assisted suicide. The proposal in Maryland is almost uniquely bad. For example, the bill does not even require a physician prescribing a lethal injection to order a psychological evaluation of the person requesting it. I do not believe there are any safeguards that would justify supporting the proposal, but without them, the possibilities of abuse should be obvious even to those who are sympathetic to physician-assisted suicide.

American Catholics & Immigrations: Past & Present


When my dad entered St. Mary’s parish school in Jewett City, Connecticut, he did not speak English, only Polish, and so he had to repeat first grade. The nuns oversaw my dad’s transition from Polish farmhouse to American mainstream. The middle of nine children, he was the first to go to college and by the time I came on the scene, he was as American as apple pie. A few weeks ago, he told me he was going to Mass at Sagrada Corazon church about fifteen minutes from our home, because he had requested a Mass there for the mother of a Spanish-speaking friend of the family.

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Cardinal Raymond Burke is at it again. In an interview posted at Rorate Caeli, he suggests that Evangelii Gaudium is not an exercise in the papal magisterium. For the record, in the English translation, the pope intends precisely the opposite of what Cardinal Burke states. More to the point, why even try and suggest such a thing? He is either very, very bewildered or heading towards the door marked schism. 


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