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MSW's Vacation Log


It had been nine years since I crossed the Atlantic to visit Europe and my life has changed a great deal in those intervening years. My last trip was decidedly ecclesiastical as I was attending a consistory. But, as more and more of my life has been happily consumed by thinking about the Catholic Chruch, it was not really a surprise that my trip to Bavaria and Austria last week turned into a bit of a pilgrimage. With limited time in cities I have never before visited, I head straight for the churches.

Synod on the Family, Part IV


Yesterday, I sketched what I thought were the major themes in both Cardinal Walter Kasper’s treatment of the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics and the treatment of the same issue by those who disagree with Kasper, using an essay by five Dominicans and a canon lawyer as illustrative of that opposition. Today, I would like to turn to my own wrestlings with this difficult issue, mindful that this autumn’s Synod will not be looking for solutions but, instead, focusing on the state of the question.

Say It Isn't So - Chicago Edition


Marco Tosati, at La Stampa, predicts that the next Archbishop of Chicago will be Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix - "un candidato forte." One wishes the other bishop in Arizona, +Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, was young enough to return to Chicago as the Windy City's next archbishop, but he isn't. I suspect the Congregation for Bishops will be looking elsewhere for this selection.


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