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Links for 02/06/17


In the Boston Globe, Cardinal Sean O'Malley on the need to act justly to immigrants and refugees. This is, for Catholics, a matter of both history and theology. A splendid essay by someone who has spent his entire life ministering to migrant communities. It is also worth reading Cardinal Sean's blog which begins with a brief account and several photos of a meeting he hosted with some of Boston's Muslim leaders. 

Links for 02/03/17


So, the USCCB just sent out this "Action Center" alert calling on President Trump to sign executive orders relating to religious liberty. I hope he does so. The question: Did my "Action Center" alert on the executive orders that pertain to the 11 million undocumented, now threatened with a hugely increased deportation force, get lost in the mail? Yeesh.Time for bishops to withhold their tax or some heads to roll. The fifth floor is a Francis-free zone and it is a scandal.

Links for 02/01/17


At the Hill, Eric LeCompte of JubileeUSA explains why repealing section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank legislation, which required transparency by big oil and other extraction industries of their payments to developing countries, is a truly bad idea. That doesn't mean the Republican-controlled Congress won't do it. It does mean that they are in the pocket of the big oil companies. 


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