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Links for 05/2016


From the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, the best bishop's retirement video ever. (h/t to Rocco)

Mark Silk, at RNS, in the hypocrisy of some Catholic colleges and universities for blocking efforts to form unions by their employees, even though the Catholic Church endorses the rights of workers to organize themselves. And, they hide behond claims of religious liberty to do it! Catholic identity indeed!

Links for 05/23/16


In this morning's Washington Post, E. J. Dionne on the need to link populist rhetoric with populist policies. In one sense Dionne is right, but it is not clear it will matter: Trump's verbiage and demeanor resonate with people and they are willing to overlook the fact that he does not have much in the way of policy proposals. If you think policy determines elections, ask President Al Gore if that's the case.


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