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Puerto Rico legislation passes Senate


The U.S. Senate just invoked cloture on the PROMESA legislation that will permit Puerto Rico to begin restructuring its debt. The bill is not perfect, but it was the best, indeed the only, option at this time if we are to begin addressing the humanitarian crisis on the island. Kudos to JubileeUSA which led the effort to draft and pass the bill, and to Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez of San Juan and Rev. Heriberto Rivera of the Puerto Rico Bible Society for their leadership. 

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With a view towards tomorrow's expected vote in the U.S. Senate on PROMESA, the legislation to address the fiscal and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, JubileeUSA explains why the July 1 deadline really matters. As I noted yesterday, some Democrats are buying the agitprop from the hedge funds that the legislation does not have to pass now, that the deadline does not matter, by which they are really simply trying to kill the legislation.

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Just when you think Republicans are solely responsible for the stinking mess we call Washington, along comes a slimy Democrat to remind us that carrying water for the hedge funds is a bipartisan sport. Sen. Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, is demanding amendments to the PROMESA legislation to aid Puerto Rico, even though such amendments could kill the bill. He is repeating the hedge fund talking point that the deadline on July 1, when a large debt payment is due, is not really a deadline, even though we all know it is.


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