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Links for 09/28/16


At Politico, and as discussed in morning post, the Trump campaign seems eager to charge Hillary Clinton with being an enabler of her husband's affairs. It is hard to imagine a worse strategy for Trump than this. Not only does it set up Hillary to do something she does not do easily, get emotional about deciding to stay in her marriage, it sets up the hashtag #AskIvankaboutMarla.

Links for 09/26/16


The great thing about LifeSiteNews is that they unintentionally serve as research assistant to those of us charged with policing the culture of the Church for fanaticism. This latest is about the election warnings from a former chaplain at Ave Maria Law School. Who would have thought you would find zaniness there? It is like finding gambling at Rick's. Be sure to go to the end and watch the video too.

Links for 09/23/16


At Philly.com, the list of Trump's Catholic advisors is a mix of establishment Republican types like former Ambassador Jim Nicholson, and others who have caused great harm to the Church, the Republic or both, like Austen Ruse and Richard Viguerie. I wish Angela Flood had been identified by her current job, and not as a "Former Director, Secretariat for Communications, Archdiocese of Washington." Please leave my archdiocese out of it.


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