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Links for 06/09/16


The Washington Post has an update on PROMESA, the bill being voted on today by the U.S. House and aimed at addressing the fiscal and humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. A key amendment today will call for a special focus on fighting child poverty on the island. Kudos to Speaker Ryan and Congressmen Bishop and Duffy, all of whom took on some powerful interests to see this legislation to the floor. 

Links for 06/07/16


At Politico, a report on Donald Trump's instructions to his surrogates to claim the media attacks on him are "racist." I watched several such surrogates do their best last night, but they got all twisted around, as you can imagine. Sorry Donald, but the fact that Judge Curiel belongs to a Latino lawyers organization is no more evidence of his intrinsic bias than membership in the Hibernian Society is a sign that the Irish are hopelessly incapable of disinterested assessment. 


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