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The GOP: A "Vehicle" for RC Concerns or a Moral Disgrace?


I have said in these pages repeatedly that although Donald Trump poses a unique problem for American democracy, the real problem lies in the voters (and their circumstances) that support him. He has tapped an anger that was already there, and instead of channeling that anger towards an improved commonwealth by invoking the better angels of our natures, he encourages that anger to descend into a deep and abiding resentment that will not be washed out of the culture anytime soon.

Personality Is All That Matters This Year


In the movie “Game Change” there is a scene in which John McCain’s campaign consultants urge him to run ads that feature controversial black pastor Rev. Wright, who was Obama’s pastor. McCain explains that there is a dark side to American populism that some candidates are willing to tap into to win election, but that he is not one of those politicians. This is a movie, to be sure, but apparently something very like that conversation did happen in the McCain camp and they never ran ads featuring Rev. Wright.


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