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At RNS, Mark Silk both applauds and chides Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Conference. Hats off for Moore's distancing himself from Trump and calling out the Old Guard in the religious right for their failure to do the same, but hats back on for his failure to recognize that the whole raison d'etre of the religious right was to support the GOP.

Links for 11/03/16


Dr. Jeff Mirus, one of the founders of Christendom College and President of CatholicCulture.org, has a post up ironically entitled "The importance of words." I say it is ironic because, in an effort to take a swipe at Archbishop Blase Cupich, whose first name Mirus spells incorrectly, Mirus makes a yet bigger mistake. Commenting on an article Cupich published at L'Osservatore Romano, Mirus writes:

Links for 11/02/16


If you are addicted to checking Nate Silver's fivethirtyeight.com blog, as I am, you have grown worried. It is not just that Clinton's chances of winning are now below 70 percent in al three analytic approaches, it is that the "polls plus" analytic now has Florida and North Carolina narrowly in the Trump column. Until last week, Clinton had a better shot at taking North Carolina than Trump did of winning Ohio, and that made me sleep easy at night. Next Tuesday is going to be close. 


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