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Links for 05/08/17


At ProPublica, a report on what a downturn in immigration would mean for low-wage industries. I confess these kinds of articles make me feel dreadful. Do we really only want to let in immigrants because they will undertake the tough jobs we will no longer do? 

Why do working class voters support parties that do not promote their interests? Sarah Attfield, at Working-ClassPerspectives blog, analyzes the situation in the UK. 

Links for 05/05/17


At Commonweal, video of an event this week on Catholicism in the Age of Trump. I was glad to see Leslie Tentler spank Andrew Sullivan, whose sweeping generalizations about US culture are usually based, as in this case, on a distorted understanding of US history. Andrew is always smart and sharp, but not always right. John Gehring demonstrated that it is possible to be incisive without being obnoxious. 


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