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At Politico, a report on how Democrats are fighting complacency in the face of encouraging poll numbers. This is a big concern per se. But, Dems should also fear the Harvey Gantt phenomenon, the fact that Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt would routinely be polling neck and neck with Sen. Jesse Helms in their two senate elections, only to see Helms win by seven or eight points at the polls. The reason?

Links for 08/05/16


First, a clarification. I received a note from Kristina Arriaga, the executive director of the Becket Fund, who was concerned that in my article yesterday, readers might have thought I was tagging Becket Fund with Trump's anti-Muslim attacks. To be clear, Becket worked with the Knights of Columbus and the U.S. bishops on the HHS mandate. They have been wonderful fighting for the religious rights of Muslims, including last year's Supreme Court case Holt v. Hobbs. It was Carl Anderson, not Becket Fund, whom I chided for failing to mention Trump's anti-Muslim bigotry. 


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