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Rubio is No GOP Savior


The Republican establishment is carrying their hearts and, more importantly, their checkbooks to Sen. Marco Rubio as fast as they can. These are the same people who lavished former Gov. Jeb Bush with over $100 million to spend on his campaign, and it earned him all of four delegates before he suspended his campaign Saturday night.

Clinton & Trump Are on Their Way to the Nomination


Politics always involves unexpected twists and turns. Candidates know that an unseen banana peel could cause them to fall at any moment. But, in the wake of Saturday’s caucus in Nevada and primary in South Carolina, the outcome of the presidential nominating contests became far more certain than they had been previously and it is looking like next November voters will be choosing between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump.

Pope Francis v. the GOP


The difference could not be more stark. Pope Francis, in Ciudad Juarez yesterday, called for justice for migrants and an economic structure that serves people before profits and measures its health by the degree to which it includes everybody. Meanwhile, the Republican party’s presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to see who can be the toughest on immigration and the idea that profit is not the final arbiter of economic relations is viewed not just skeptically but as a kind of heresy.


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