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Thank God for Steve King


This article in Politico highlights the latest House Republican leader who has had to distance himself from outrageous remarks made by Congressman Steve King in his effort to sabotage immigration reform. Having previously compared immigrants to dogs, King is now suggesting that most immigrants are drug smugglers. Nice. In the past two days, Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Kantor and, now, Cong.

Francis in Rio


It is thrilling to watch Pope Francis engage people in Rio. He seems as easy in his manner when he is walking down a red carpet in a lavish government palace with the city’s mayor as he is when he is entering the humblest of dwellings in the slum known as Vargihna. But, the ease Pope Francis exhibits in these human interactions does not appear, at least to me, to be anything learned from a PR consultant, nor even from a God-given genial demeanor, although the pope surely has that and it just as surely helps.



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