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More Conservative Grumpiness about Francis


At First Things, William Donio, Jr. tries to twist Pope Francis into the kind of Catholic neo-con who, well, the kind who reads First Things and likes it. He is not very successful, especially in the way he dismisses social justice as a proper concern for the Church, and obfuscates the actual way in which Pope Francis speaks about the issue, e.g., it is about structures as well as attitudes! It is funny to watch Catholic conservatives try and twist Francis into their own image. Funny, but also sad.

Are Older Voters Returning to Dems?


When veteran political analyst Charlie Cook speaks, people listen. This article at National Journal looks at recent polling data for older voters who tend to represent a disproportionate share of a midterm electorate. Cook says it is too soon to tell why older voters may be less enthusiastic about the GOP. I have a theory: In 2010, the Republicans scared the living bejeezus out of older voters over Obamacare.


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