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Silk on Gallup's Survey


The Sage of Hartford, Mark Silk,  looks at Gallup's latest survey on Americans' perceptions of the influence of religion. As ever, he brings a scholar's cautions to the data and enlightens the findings for the rest of us. Silk is an example of contemporary scholarship at its best, using the resources of the academy to comment on events, and in a manner, accessible to the rest of us. Good stuff.

Bishops Address G-8 Summit


The USCCB has posted a press release and the text of a letter signed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the presidents of the episcopal conferences of other G-8 nations, sent to the heads of government in advance of the G-8 annual summit. The letter is quite forceful in calling for a more just and equitable distribution of the earth's resources. I think it is fair to say that the text of the letter was not drafted by our friends at either the Acton Institute or the INstitute for Religion & Democracy.

Prudence & Mr. Carr


The Institute on Religion & Democracy has a new rising star, Ms. Marjorie Jeffrey, who has decided to tackle my friend John Carr in this commentary at their website. Her charge: Carr has abandoned, or at least slighted, the cardinal virtue of prudence in an article in which he called out cafeteria Catholics on the right who invoke prudential judgment as a kind of get-out-jail-free card, as Meghan Clark memorably termed it.

Tea Party Tail Wags GOP Dog Again


If you want to see precisely what is wrong with the Tea Party, read this article in this morning's Washington Post about Tea Party opposition to the "Common Core" initiative to improve our nation's schools. I especially call readers' attention to the comments of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who is a champion of the effort. He lays out arguments. The Tea Party responds with a conspiracy theory.


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