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Meyerson Exposes Wall Street Short-sightedness


This op-ed by Harold Meyerson makes a point I have made before: The financialization of the economy in the past thirty some years shows the limits of capitalism to produce what it promises. But, Meyerson makes the point better than I have, and with the aid of a new report that details just how significantly the need to prop up stock prices distorts economic decision-making.

Another Home Run From Papa Francesco


Papa Francesco went to the Church of the Gesu in Rome yesterday, to celebrate the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola with his fellow Jesuits – “Us Jesuits” as he said. And, he delivered another home run of a sermon, a sermon which came just in the nick of time because it was so deeply rooted in tradition and after his press conference on the plane back from Rio, there were some who questioned this pope’s commitment to tradition.

In Defense of Cardinal George


My colleague Robert McClory’s report yesterday caught my eye. It was about an ad in the Chicago papers calling on Cardinal Francis George to “retract his threat to withdraw funds from Catholic organizations that are members of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.” I was vaguely familiar with the situation, but the charges in the ad did not ring true.

Van Hollen: GOP Budget "Cruel" to the Poor


Cong. Chris Van Hollen has an op-ed today at Politico that excoriates the GOP House budget on account of its cuts to anti-poverty programs. As well, today Sr. Simone Campbell will be testifying before Congress on the budget. We have heard lots of words from Cong. Paul Ryan, Chair of the House Budget Committee, about the poor. Now it is time for him to translate those words into actions.

Pope Francis' mostimportant speech in Rio


Pope Francis' address to the leaders of CELAM, the bishops' conference of Latin America and the Caribbean, will prove to be the most studied of the Holy Father's talks in Rio de Janeiro. It brought together many themes he has been discussing in his morning sermons at daily Mass into a coherent whole and painted a picture of his own vision for the church.

Update on House GOP Immigration Mashup


Politico has an update on the tortured process by which the House of Representatives is grappling with immigration reform. Despite the challenges, if something, anything passes the House, the chance for a conference committee to essentially ratify the Senate bill and bring it to a vote will increase the chances of getting something on the president's desk this year.

Church, State & FEMA


Okay, sometimes those who bemoan secular humanism have a point. FEMA has evidently been denying aid to religious groups affected by Hurricane Sandy. The logic of those who think FEMA is constitutionally barred from aiding religious groups is deeply flawed and I can prove it with an exact, and easy, analogy. If a church or synagogue or mosque is on fire, is it unconstitutional for the Fire Department to go try and put out the fire?

Miner: Bishops Are Wrong


At least Brad Miner, writing at the "Catholic Thing," does not beat around the bush: The bishops are wrong, he asserts, on the issue of immigration reform. His arguments are exceedingly weak but, most importantly, he never engages what the bishops have actually taught on this subject, namely, that there is a moral obligation to care for migrants, an obligation that is absolute, even while it admits a variety of policy approaches.


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