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Good News Finally!


Politico is reporting a deal to avert Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid's threat to change the Senate rules, limiting the use of the filibuster in Senate consideration of executive branch nominees, known a bit histrionically as the "nuclear option." As a consequence of the deal, Republicans in the Senate will allow votes on key appointees, especially that of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Nat'l Catholic Register Says "Kill" CHA


This article at the National Catholic Register should give every bishop in America heartburn. They have whipped up people to think that the government is just waiting to rob us Catholics of our religious liberty, that the HHS mandate is evil incarnate, even though they refuse to say that it amounts to illicit material cooperation with evil, and the USCCB point man on the issue, Archbishop William Lori,  publishes tendentious statements without correction.

The Most Beautiful Churches


A few weeks ago, in response to an article at RealClearReligion bemoaning ugly churches, I invited readers to submit the names of churches they thought were beautiful. I wish to thank all the commenters who sent in their selections. Indeed, I was especially grateful to those who called attention to churches I had never seen before but that certainly matched anyone's criterion of beauty; for example, the St. Francis de Sales Cathedral in Baker, Ore., and St.

The Verdict


The trial that has consumed the country, or at least 90% of its airwaves, is finally over. I understand why television news loves these kinds of trials: Ours is an adversarial legal system, so the drama is built-in. Call on two former prosecutors and a couple of defense attorneys for analysis – such as that is! – and you have an hour of television. I am sure it costs less than these “reality” competitions that must spend a fair amount of money creating the kind of drama a courtroom provides for free.



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