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"A President for Everyone"


President Obama spoke personally and powerfully today about the experiences of black men in America. You can tell that conservative pundits were waiting because they all trotted out the same talking point within seconds of his conclusion. They were shocked that he spoke as he did because he had promised to be "a president for everyone." To be clear, in his remarks, the president was a "president for everyone" because everyone needed to hear what he had to say. 

Garnett on Conscience Protections and SSM


Over at Commonweal, Rick Garnett uses the recent Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage to explore the different varieties of conscience protection. Typically, Garnett offers a thoughtful analysis of the issues and I mostly am in agreement with him, especially on the need for civil society to be a less homogenous, more actually diverse, arena of human activity.

What if Obamacare Works?


The news that some insurance premiums in New York State have dropped 50%, in part because of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, is a staggering piece of news. It raises the question that Republicans will need to face in the coming weeks and months: What of Obamacare works at reducing the explosive costs of health care? Not just enrolling millions of people in insurance plans, but in actually cutting costs for those who already have insurance?


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