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Abp Lori Opens the Fortnight


The Fortnight for Freedom kicked off Friday night with a Mass at the Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore. As I wrote last week, I do not like it when Masses are turned into political rallies, although I must confess that this year, the rhetoric was less heated than last, less of a focus on the culture wars and more of a focus on the good the Church does in society. This is a welcome change in tone.

Eric Metaxas the Pol


I have long suspected that Eric Metaxas is two parts politician, three parts marketing guru and one part evangelical Christian. A toxic mix. Now, he has noisily quit an evangelical group committed to immigration reform because he believes, apparently erroneously, that the group took money from George Soros. There are a couple of stories in the Scriptures about those who were scandalized when the Lord ate with tax collectors and sinners.


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