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What if Obamacare Works?


The news that some insurance premiums in New York State have dropped 50%, in part because of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, is a staggering piece of news. It raises the question that Republicans will need to face in the coming weeks and months: What of Obamacare works at reducing the explosive costs of health care? Not just enrolling millions of people in insurance plans, but in actually cutting costs for those who already have insurance?

More on Abortion & Public Opinion


This article in the New York Times looks at the way abortion is different from other issues in terms of public opinion. It tracks with much of what I have been writing the past few days with one major exception, an exception worthy of note. This article was in the New York Times, not NCR, and the Times has not exactly been friendly territory for pro-life reporting.

Texas Abortion Battle: Part II


Yesterday, I wrote about my hopes and my worries regarding the Texas abortion restriction bill, and similar measures bring adopted in other states. Today, we look forward, asking how the pro-life movement might improve its chances of achieving not just a legislative victory in a half dozen states, but a real shift in attitudes that might bring more humane laws to the whole country, and do so in a way that those victories are sustainable.

Speaking of Racial Demagoguery


Over at The New Republic, John McWhorter takes on the kind of racial demagoguery we have seen in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial from Al Sharpton. McWhorter has been the most thoughtful commentator on the racial aspects of the case in his many public appearances to discuss the trial. I have never liked nor trusted Sharpton for reasons McWhorter explains better than I could.

Texas Abortion Battle


The debate over abortion restriction legislation in Texas has garnered national attention, not least because of a filibuster mounted by State Sen. Wendy Davis, a pro-choice Democrat whom Melinda Henneberger rightly called “Tough, cool and wrong.” Similar fights in North Carolina, Wisconsin and other states have garnered less attention, but together they form a trend. That trend is at once hopeful and worrisome.


Good News Finally!


Politico is reporting a deal to avert Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid's threat to change the Senate rules, limiting the use of the filibuster in Senate consideration of executive branch nominees, known a bit histrionically as the "nuclear option." As a consequence of the deal, Republicans in the Senate will allow votes on key appointees, especially that of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Nat'l Catholic Register Says "Kill" CHA


This article at the National Catholic Register should give every bishop in America heartburn. They have whipped up people to think that the government is just waiting to rob us Catholics of our religious liberty, that the HHS mandate is evil incarnate, even though they refuse to say that it amounts to illicit material cooperation with evil, and the USCCB point man on the issue, Archbishop William Lori,  publishes tendentious statements without correction.


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