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Review: How the West Really Lost God, Part 1


Mary Eberstadt has written an important book.

How the West Really Lost God is also a frustrating book.

While Eberstadt's central thesis is provocative and causes us to think about secularization in new and interesting ways, the book also evidences a disturbing trend in academia in which professors, like MSNBC or Fox News anchors, only speak with people who already agree with them. The result is a book that could have been better if Eberstadt had thought to allow herself to be challenged, rather than confirmed, in her biases.

150 Years Ago


One hundred and fifty years ago today, a division of troops under the command of Confederate General A. P. Hill was almost to the town of Gettysburg where they hoped to find a supply of shoes. What they found, instead, were two brigades of Union troops under the command of General John Buford. Thus began the three day Battle of Gettysburg.

Pope Francis & Immigration


I just wrote, and will keep, the title above, but it is not quite right. The Vatican announced this morning that next week Pope Francis will go to the small island of Lampedusa where immigrants from Africa seek to enter Europe. Recently, a boat carrying many of these desperately poor migrants capsized killing many of the migrants. The Pope clearly sees what many opponents of comprehensive immigration reform do not see: These are people we are talking about.

Dillon on DOMA


Over at CatholicMoralTheology.com, Dana Dillon, another one of my theological heroes, has an exquisite essay on how to speak about same sex marriage issues while honoring the core belief of our faith that God is the source of both truth and love. Just a lovely essay from one of the nation's leading up-and-coming theologians. And, the analogy from Dorothy Day is worth the price of admission.


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