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Nuns On The Bus Are Back


From the press release from our friends at NETWORK:

Joining with labor, civic and fellow faith leaders, NETWORK’s “Nuns on the Bus” are hitting the road for a 6,500-mile, 15-state tour to raise their voices for bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform. The trip is scheduled to begin across from Ellis Island at Liberty State Park in New Jersey on May 29 and conclude with a rally in the shadow of San Francisco’s Angel Island on June 18.

What Do Egypt's Youth Want?


If you work at the Mideast desk at the State Department, one of the most useful pieces of information to know would be the attitudes of young Egyptians. The revolution that toppled longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak has produced a fast-changing political climate in which the long-term problems afflicting the society are not susceptible to quick solutions, but revolutions produce expectations in abundance.



The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity most difficult to get our minds around. We all understand Fathership and Sonship and see, throughout the Gospels, the intimacy that characterizes their relationship. But, the Spirit absconds from our intellect and receives less attention and focus in the life of the Church that the first two persons of the Trinity. Even Voltaire, in his famous deist quip, after watching a beautiful sunrise at Fernay, praised the Creator God - “I believe! I believe in you!

Silk Defends Francis' Intellectual Cred


Mark Silk at RNS beat me to the punch of answering a column by Phil Lawler in which Lawler disparaged Papa Francesco's intellect compared to that of his two predecessors. I do think it is fair to say that the Roman Church has not had a pontiff with Benedict's theological intellect in a very long time, perhaps ever. But, Papa Francesco is certainly a match for John Paul II and both men deserve to be considered intellectuals.

Who supports same-sex marriage?


Robert Jones and Daniel Cox write over at Monkey Cage on the changing composition of those who support same-sex marriage. Jones and Cox are two of the best researchers on the attitudes of believers in the business, and they continually ask questions that do not seem to occur to other polling outfits but are critical to understanding how Americans view contentious issues.


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