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New Survey on Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action & DOMA


The Public Religion Research Institute has new survey data on Americans' attitudes towards affirmative action programs for college admissions and on DOMA, both issues which are before the Supreme Court. I wish the survey had asked about legacy scholarships which, to my mind, are a greater affront to justice than any other college admissions policy. Still, an important survey.

Good News on Obamacare


An important news story got lost this week because all the coverage of the “scandals” afflicting the Obama administration.


The State of California, which is leading the country in setting up a competitive health insurance exchange under the terms of the Affordable Care Act, announced the new plans and premiums that will be available to customers. Despite dire warnings that Obamacare would drive premiums through the roof, lo and behold, the new premiums seem pretty reasonable.

The NRA & Planned Parenthood


Over at Religion & Politics, Fordham's Michael Peppard has a smart, tough piece comparing the recent political activities of the National Rifle Association and Planned Parenthood. "[T]hey do share a troubling characteristic. Both reject reasonable limitations on the particular liberty for which they advocate. In so doing, they disregard the well-regulated liberties that vast majorities of our country desire," Peppard open and proceeds to make the case.


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