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Rep. Courtney Corrects the Record on "Lincoln"


Kudos to Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney, CT-2, for correcting the historical record and defending the honor of my home state. In the movie "Lincoln," the principal character expresses disgust at two Connecticut congressmen who did not support him on the 13th Amendment. Courtney researched the matter and, it turns out, all of Connecticut's representatives voted in the affirmative. Full story here.

Prothero on Religion & Politics


Stephen Prothero is one of America’s leading scholars on the relationship between religion and politics. I have long agreed with him that Americans suffer from a religious illiteracy – and other forms of cultural illiteracy, of the kind that invites ideologues to prosper. There is a moral obligation to be intelligent, and this requires anyone really interested in American history to be religiously literate or else they will greatly misunderstand the American story.


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