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Good News & Crazy News on the Economy


There was good news and what I prefer to call crazy news, rather than bad news, about the economy yesterday.


Let’s start with the good news. The G-8 took steps to crack down on tax avoidance schemes that further impoverish developing countries by allowing wealthy plutocrats, and corrupt public officials and private businesspeople, to avoid paying their fare share of taxes. Eric LeCompte, President of JubileeUSA, said of the G-8 summit:

Acton U?


Something called "Acton U" is going on this week, a series of seminars sponsored by the Acton Institute. Here is a listing of their scheduled offerings. I have one question and one observation. The question: Who is paying for all this? The observation: Can't attend any of it because I have to wash my hair.

Anti-Immigrant Prejudice In Search Of A Rationale


The foes of immigration reform have never had much of a moral case, at least not as we Catholics understand the moral calculi at issue: The right to be treated humanely crosses borders, and whether an immigrant has papers or does not have papers, their human rights, including he right to migrate, remains intact.  Or, as Jehovah said more pithily to Moses, “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Ex. 22:21)



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