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Europhobia on the Right


I know that American exceptionalism lives on both the left and the right, but when did the right become so Europhobic? And why? National Catholic Register has a review of a new book by the Acton institute's Samuel Gregg entitled "Becoming Europe: Economic Decline, Culture, & How America Can Avoid a European Future?" I confess, come August, when Europeans sensibly take the month off and head to the beach or the mountains for time with their families, I am envious of them, not scornful.

Francis: No Turning Back the Clock


Vatican Radio reports on the Holy Father's homily this morning which he focused on the Holy Spirit pushing us forward, and the ways we resist the Spirit's promptings. He called Vatican II a great work of the Holy Spirit and said there could be no "turning back the clock."

Dear readers. Please listen to the Holy Father's words and before you think of how they might be a challenge to others, think of how they might be a challenge to yourself.

Henneberger on Gosnell


I highly recommend readers to this masterful article by Melinda Henneberger on the lack of coverage of the Gosnell case in Philadelphia. I find it especially curious that the editors at the Post entitled the article "Why Kermit Gosnell hasn't been on Page One." In the event, Henneberger's article did not make page 2, where her columns usually appear. It was only published online. This makes Henneberger's arguments even more damning.



Evil. Its ugly face showed itself anew yesterday as two bombs exploded on Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The images were searing, the first blast followed by billowing smoke and a runner falling to the ground, then another burst of smoke down the street, people running frantically, the screaming, the sirens, the confusion, the blood on the street. Then, the news: two people are dead. Then, the worse news: one of the two was an eight year old boy. Then, still worse news: a third person had died and more than a dozen were still in critical condition.


Gerson Nibbles But Flinches in Thatcher Tribute


Michael Gerson's tribute to Margaret Thatcher noted that she was no libertarian, that her commitment to free markets was tempered by her Methodism. Good for him for noting this. But, Gerson flinches before the task of wrestling with the real question here: Are the values the market requires, and which Thatcher championed, are they Christian values?


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