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Silk on Bush's Faith-Based Legacy


Mark Silk, at Religion News Service, is undoubtedly correct when he writes that the Faith-Based Initiative President George W. Bush began has not lived up to its promise. He is also correct when he notes that the proposal was, and is, a genuinely centrist proposal. In a Washington that is beset by partisanship on steroids, maybe the Obama team would do well to devote more attention towards fulfilling the promise of the Faith-Based Office.

Being "Uncomfortable" in the Lord


This short item at the Tablet discusses a recent talk by Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, to the hierarchy of England and Wales. He urged bishops not to avoid topics that make them uncomfortable, as Pope Francis "also makes us feel uncomfortable." Of course, all reports indicate that the members of the curia are indeed feeling a but uncomfortable these days as they wait to see what reforms Papa Francesco will enact.

Land Grabs in Africa: "Worse Than Colonization"


Writing at the website of the Africa Faith & Justice Network, Jacques Bahati details how land grabs in Africa, often involving U.S. companies, are picking up where the colonial powers left off, exploiting the continent's resources at the expense of its inhabitants and, coincidentally, shredding even the most rudimentary Western notions of justice.  

Obama Goes to Planned Parenthood


Well, if some of our friends on the right wanted a culture war, they seem to have gotten it. President Barack Obama on Friday became the first president to speak at a Planned Parenthood conference. His speech , which can be found here, was presented as some kind of cultural triumph on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow, who is very bright and quite capable of dissecting difficulties in politicians’ verbiage, had nothing but praise.


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