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Prothero on Religion & Politics


Stephen Prothero is one of America’s leading scholars on the relationship between religion and politics. I have long agreed with him that Americans suffer from a religious illiteracy – and other forms of cultural illiteracy, of the kind that invites ideologues to prosper. There is a moral obligation to be intelligent, and this requires anyone really interested in American history to be religiously literate or else they will greatly misunderstand the American story.

Note to Readers


Most mornings, I post my big blog by 9 a.m. and then post links to other good articles throughout the morning. This morning, however, I have a wave of commitments so I have posted everything - a commentary on nativism and two links - already. Be sure to check back at NCRToday for commentary throughout the day on important issues and breaking news.

Tablet Calls Out Anti-Semitism


The Tablet, the London-based international Catholic weekly where I have served as U.S. correspondent for a few years now, has a fine editorial this week in which they call out anti-Semitism, and also attitudes that are close to anti-Semitism. Regular readers will know that few things alarm me more than the rise of anti-Semitic attitudes on the left. Hats off to the Tablet for calling it out.

Nativism Still Lives


The National Review ran an editorial on the subject of comprehensive immigration reform last week. It was repulsive and it was repulsive in a particular way. It is Exhibit A in the argument that the sin of nativism is alive and well in America today.


The new nativism lacks the specific anti-Catholicism of its nineteenth century iteration, but it is clear that Calvinistic values still are the only values acceptable to real Americans. The editors write:


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