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Medicare & The Society We Want


Medicare will cost approximately $500 billion this year. In 1980, which was not that long ago, Medicare cost $37.4 billion. This increase is the single largest reason the government’s long term fiscal picture is clouded and it must be addressed. So, as the Congress and the President begin to negotiate their way through the budgetary issues that face the country in the next few weeks, it is good to set out some first principles.


Contra Kaveny


I do not lightly take issue with anything written by Cathleen Kaveny. For starters, she is so much smarter than I am. Secondly, I admire her work immensely and just received a review copy of her new book “Law’s Virtues: Fostering Autonomy and Solidarity in American Society,” which I hope to start later this week and review for this column shortly. I can scarcely say how much I am looking forward to reading it.

+Kicanas on Poverty


The latest installment in blog posts for Poverty Awareness Month, being hosted by the USCCB's website, comes from Bishop Kicanas of Tuscon, who is also the head of Catholic Relief Services. He notes what we all so easily forget - we are called to poverty. But, the difference between poverty as a chosen call and poverty enforced by cruel circumstances is a huge difference and +Kicanas does a nice job explaining it.


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