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Elie Knows Better


Paul Elie seems to have picked up the anti-Catholic flu at the New York Times. His article urging Catholics to mark Lent by abstaining from Mass is bizarre. How, precisely, do we invite more grace into our own lives and the life of the Church by abstaining from the "source and summit" of our faith? It is silly season in the commentariat, but Elie should know better and his readers deserve better. 

Mahony & Mercy


Ever since 2004, when then-Archbishop Raymond Burke warned that he would deny communion to Sen. John Kerry because of the senator’s pro-choice stance, many of us have argued that Burke’s interpretation of Canon 915 was mistaken, that it is not the place of the minister of communion to decide whether or not a person should receive communion, but that it is up to the communicant to make the decision whether or not to present herself for communion. Most American bishops, and the Bishop of Rome, have never followed Burke’s advice.

+DiNoia's Homily Yesterday


Yesterday, at the North American College, 62 seminarians were installed as Acolytes. When Archbishop Augustine DiNoia, O.P. agreed to celebrate the Mass and give the homily, little did he know that eight cardinals would be concelebrating the Mass! In town for the conclave, and staying at the NAC, the cardinals joined +DiNoia in the liturgy and this is the sermon they all heard:

Third Sunday of Lent: Institution of Acolytes [final]

Pontifical North American College

3 March 2013

Give Us A Pastor


Friday, noting that Cardinal Angelo Scola and Cardinal Marc Ouellet are the leading papabili, I commented upon the historical novelty of theologians as popes. In addition to novelty, I think this tendency unfortunately misunderstands the nature of the papacy in relation to theology, further abetting one of the ugly consequences of Napoleonic rule, Rome’s exercise of disproportionate influence in theological disputes.


Ivereigh on Pre-Conclave Frankness


My friend Austen Ivereigh has a great article up at the Tablet on the frank discussions the cardinals will be having - indeed, conversations began about two minutes after Benedict XVI announced his retirement. The whole process might strike some as unseemly in its frankness, but I confess I think such thoughts betray a kind of gnostic sensibility. The Holy Spirit works through very human instruments.

The Sequester Arrives


I will have more on the sequester subsequently. But, for the moment, the appropriate stance seems to be - a curse on both your houses! Speaker Boehner is hemmed in by his own caucus which seems not to understand basic economics. President Obama, understandably frustrated that his re-election is not providing more ease of decision, is hemmed in by - by what? The fact that the sequester was not avoided demonstrates an inexplicable lack of presidential leadership. He should have had the congressional leaders over for breakfast meetings every day until they solved this thing.


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