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Last night, my friend Chris Matthews had me on his show “Hardball” to talk about the issues facing the Church at this moment of transition. The other guest was a woman named Mary Johnson, a former nun who has a new book chronicling her decision to leave her order, and – I have not read it but Chris told me about this – her sexual affairs first with a woman, then with a man.

Gerson Nails Rand Paul


Regular readers will know that Michael Gerson is one of my favorite voices on the right, not least because of his principled stance against libertarianism. But, I also admire Gerson because of his ability to deliver a hard blow of reason in the face of over-heated rhetoric. In his essay this morning about Senator Rand Paul's filibuster about the Obama administration's drone policy, Gerson notes that Sen.

Wittes Eviscerates Rand Paul


Over at LawFare, Benjamin Wittes explains why Senator Rand Paul's filibuster on the issue of drone strikes was nothing more than a publicity stunt. I agree with Wittes. What is more, I expect this kind of paranoid foolishness from the likes of Sen. Paul. But I was appalled by, and call down shame upon, those lefty commentators that applauded his antics. Really people? One does not advance a serious issue by discussing it in unserious ways.   



The Wall Street Journal asked a group of Catholics to answer the question: "The next pope should be....?" I was happy to be included in the group and answered that the new pope should be among the poor. I was frankly shocked at the coarseness of George Weigel's reply that the new pope should be a culture warrior, specifically one devoted to shoring up modern democracy. Huh? The papacy is, last time I checked, not a constitutional office.


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